Beyond Snuggle Nook.

These are the adventures of the Gundry dungeon crawlers, written from the perspective of Arouet, a half-elven ranger.

This space is dedicated to any sessions that are not part of Snuggle-Nook (i.e. not Hack-Master). So, this is a chronicle of my time as a player in Ezekiel’s III.5 (Færuin, Gæhawk), Paco-Jay’s WFRP sessions (2nd Ed., the “not so” Olde Worlde), and possibly Sæmus and Valravens sessions.

Presently Callwæy is running a Game of Thrones campaign, in which I am a player.

Tournament Preamble (July, 2013)

En route to the Tournament (June)

The Prince (First Session)