The Last Supper

Game of Crowns

Song of Fire and Ice

Ulæth was in absentia but ’twas soon discerned that he and his wife – Lady Reign – had a Royal baby on the way. Hal, Brendon, Frotha and Friar John were all present hereabouts. After several day-release from being shut up in the barn, Lady Iris was restored into the house’s good graces, and free to dwell anywhere.

Alas, more joyous news of alliance: union in Holy matrimony arrived soon. Baron Brendon and Lady Iris’ wedding not only symbolised a Royal alliance, but also on a state level, branches betwixt the two trees – houses – a feeling of amity was fostered to help further diffuse the recent hostilities between the two states.

Mæster Frotha scrivvened a letter dictated by Prince Henry, “My liege, King Robert Brathian of Lancaster,

In amicable spirit of reparations, a union ’twixt our two families, which hath of late, relations have been tenuous, strained at best. Our good-will and worth be measured by proudly announcēd marriage, an alliance: Lady Iris and Baron Brendon. We do humbly invite your graces presence in attendance, that we may beg your benediction, should it best please your Majesty.”

Wedding arrangements were made, with invitations being sent out to: the Starks, Yews, Westerlings, Cliftons and our banner-men retainers, house Orliche.

The latter two could not attend, but all neighbourly Royals greeted our house by accepting the invitation. Among the first to arrive, was Alfred Dannet, and his Royal entourage. Hal, attired in his best livery, bearing a monogamy wooden carved symbol bearing the Royal crest of Richmœnd. Offering the dark arb sigil as a gift, Hal welcomed Earl Alfred Dannet. His welcome was receieved bruskly, yet accepted. Henry retorted Alfred’s disapproving snort with, “My house, is your house. For as long as you wish to stay, we sons of Richmœnd, offer you only the warmest of welcomes. Aye. For this day, I hath not so much lost a brother, so much as gained a good Uncle. Welcome Alfred. Welcome, to my home.”

A jet black raven arrived to Mæster Frotha, with a writ from the King’s Royal secretary, sadly declining the invitation to the event. His Royal Majesty, King Robert, did inform us however, that although neither he, nor Queen Crecy, would be able to attend; his page Lord Lancel Lancaster, would be there in his stead. Furthermore, soon after, word reached us that the Starks and the Yews would not be there either, too great a distance was it for them to travel, in order to attend such a … modest occasion, lamentably.

Baron Brendon also dispatched the Richmœnd Royal Steward to oversee the state of the Dannet lands, so as to not only get a better picture of what was happening there; yet also, conditionally, to aid with their fiscal policy, that their state may prosper and not flounder further in to the red. It was ascertained that their fiscal state was steadily in decline. Our help was much needed, as house Dannet had many outstanding debts. “Brother, can you lend me some cash?” Hal paused, then reached inside his coat, “This is a wedding gift to you, dear brother.” Hal offered a gift of some one ton in goldragons to the groom, gladly, and readily accepted.

So then, other dignitaries began to arrive from beyond the borders of Brendonshire. Too numerous to mention, the local gentry filed in, in pomp and solemnity. Though the day drizzled, rainfall could not dampen the spirits of the guests and generous hosts alike. Local gentry robed in fine silken tailoring streamed in to the scaffolded keep, the on-going works being postponed momentarily. Dour clad townsfolk of Brenton cheered the oncoming pageantry.

[more to follow]…

Ulæth turns up! Woohoo! :)



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